Papillon Dog Puppy Adoption

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Health and exercise

You Papillon dog always needs to have access to a clean bowl of water en a clean, comfortable environment. As the breed has long, silky hair, it needs to be brushed often and be given a bath as often as necessary, depending on the dog’s playing habits outside.

Papillons have only minor health concerns. In addition to the daily walks, free play in the backyard or playing with toys is recommended.

A Papillons is a very active breed of dog and needs lot of mental stimulation, as well as physical exercise. Daily walks or runs are essential to keep them healthy. They are playful and enjoy human contact and soft toys to chew on.

The Papillon Dog has a long, flowing coat of straight hair. The Papillon has no undercoat, which makes for relatively easy grooming. Medium length fringes of hair, known as culottes, cover the thighs. Papillons are low to moderate shedders. They should be brushed once to twice per week, otherwise matting might occur.

Papillon Dog Adoption

Nails should be trimmed when necessary and teeth should be brushed regularly, as the Papillon can be prone to periodontal disease.

It is really very easy to keep a Papillon Adoption healthy and happy. Because they are so intelligent, they respond well to loving care, a clean environment, good food and enough physical and mental stimulation.