Papillon Dog Characteristics, Personality, Temperament

Papillon Dog Characteristics
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Papillon Dog Characteristics , personality and temperament.

Papillons are widely regarded as one of the 10 smartest breeds. The Papillon’s defining physical characteristic, is its unique butterfly ears.

The Papillon is a member of the toy group. They are a petite, elegant, fine-boned and delicate breed. The stand less than 30 cm tall, with their weight that is proportionate to its height. It moves swiftly and gracefully, with the ears spread out like the wings of a butterfly in movement. The tail is arched over the body with a large, full plume.

The Papillon come in different colours, mostly white with different colour markings. The soft, one layered coat is long and straight. However, they have shorter hair on the muzzle and skull, and ample on the ears, chest and legs.

The Papillon takes great enjoyment in play and exercise, and is highly energetic. They are capable of walking or running long distances without getting tired. They have no apparent self-awareness of size constraints. They will not back down from larger dogs and get themselves in trouble! They do not suffer from anxiety of shyness.

They are very responsive, obedient, playful and gentle. Generally a good fit for families with children or for the elderly, and can be socialised with other pets from an early age. They do well when introduced to strangers, although they can be a bit reserved at first.

  • John Belly
    2 years ago

    The Papillon dogs look pretty sweet. Because the tail looks like a butterfly, it is called Papillon. Although they look sweet outside, they have really important features in them. The characteristic features are truly crucial.

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